"Spanky" Cat of 23384 15/0 miyuki seedbeads

Альбом пользователя KATate: Spanky Cat of 23384 15/0 miyuki seedbeads

I am American and viewing this site using a translator. I hope I have not violated any rules by joining and posting. This is my first bead tapestry from a photograph I took of a cat of mine from long ago. I hope you like it.

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Many of us here love cats! Me too, very much. If this embroidery was made from a real photo of your cat, then it is such a wonderful memory. And where is this embroidery now? (Or is it not embroidery, but weaving?)
And welcome to our community! Will you tell something about yourself?
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Thank you for such a welcome. I'm a writer living in West Virginia. I follow many beaders on IG and Pinterest from Poland, Ukraine, Russia, etc and I love the styles and beauty. Especially in the Russian insect brooches. They are so beautiful. Also I am envious of your wonderful craft kits. One day I will visit your country and have to buy extra luggage to bring back all the kits!

«Spanky» is waiting to take to the framing shop so it may be framed. I hope to do so this week.

I am very glad I found this site. There is nothing like this in America. It's wonderful!
What do you write?

If you like insect brooches you can look at works of our masters:
beetles, flies, dragonflies, butterflies, bees.

There is nothing like this in America.
Why?.. I know several great American beadwork masters. Not so many though, because I prefer to speak Russian.
I write bleak stories of people making poor life decisions.  One of my favorite writers is Russian, Ludmilla Petrushevskaya.

I'm not sure why there are no good beading sites in America. There are for crochet and knitting as well as other kinds, just not for beading. I found a UK site and joined but there is little activity.
I see. Thank you.
О, какие новости! В Америке нет таких сайтов. Приятно, что у нас есть.
А гобелен классный! Да ещё и из 15-ки! Браво! И это плетение, не вышивка. Вот надо иметь терпение!
А так ну чисто мой кот, хоть и американец.
Котики — везде котики.
(Cats are cats anywhere.)
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You must have a very handsome cat! And thank you! 15s were really a challenge.
Очень красиво! Объёмы потрясают
Thank you! It was so many beads and I have a lot still left so I will have to find another project for them.
I really like it. A wonderful cat
Очень красивая и четкая работа! Фотографическая точность!
Thank you! I wanted it as photographic as possible.
С новосельем! С открытием альбома!
Симпатичны гобелен!
Интересно бы посмотреть работу в рамке (или какой-то другой вариант для использования).
Коты всегда хороши!
I will post again when it is back from the framing shop.
Such a nice creature! And the colours are wonderful!
Thank you! The program I used picked some odd colors but I changed them.
A very large-scale and beautiful work. I will wait for its completion and framing. And welcome to our company.
Thank you. I am glad I found the site. There's so much information here!
Красивая аккуратная работа!
a very nice work! and cat is wonderful!
Hi dear. It's amazing work, I like itMy cat
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Look at that gorgeous cat  what a beauty!
Hi KATate.Thank you for the kit, I have a red cat and a black cat with white, they help me work with beads,
Your work is beautiful. Have a nice day. Mariana from Israel
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With my pleasure
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Hi! Nice to see you here! May you be comfortable here!
Very good and interesting work!
Very impressive and atmospheric, and your cat looks as if it (he? she?) has something really important to say. Welcome to the club!
My cat was a he and he was larger than life itself. I felt this photograph was a good memorial. Thank you!
Hahaha yes it is hard for me to believe too!
Ох… полистала коменты, не понимэ…
Напишите хоть кто-нибудь о чём речь то?
Я думаю, что автор как-то мог бы и с помощью переводчика написать. Сайт русский. Корректно писать здесь на русском.
я попробую это с помощью Google. Я извиняюсь за свое невежество в незнании вашего языка. Я, конечно, хотел бы, чтобы я сделал!

«Спанки» был мой кот. он умер 10 лет назад и я его очень любила. С тех пор я хочу заняться этим проектом, но только недавно почувствовал, что готов. в нем 23384 бисера миюки, и на изготовление ушло около месяца. Я использовал ткацкий станок американского производителя Mirrix. он предназначен для того, чтобы вышивка бисером на ткацком станке выполнялась быстрее.

я надеюсь, что полезно и понятно!
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